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Welcome to SciFinder-n at University of California

(Access restricted to UC students, faculty, and staff)

NEWS:  SciFinder “classic” will be retired on July 31, 2022. SciFinder-n (SciFindern)  will be the only version available after July 31.

Already using SciFinder-n? There’s nothing you need to do.

Still using SciFinder “classic”? You can begin using SciFinder-n immediately. Your SciFinder login will work with both interfaces. If you have any saved answer sets or search alerts, please migrate them to SciFinder-n before July 31. Bookmarks will automatically redirect to SciFinder-n.

New user? Go to the registration instruction page for your campus. 

  • If you have a SciFinder or SciFinder account from another institution, you will need to register for a new account. If the account is from another UC, you will still need to create a new one through your current UC campus.
  • These pages are IP restricted. Please use your campus VPN and/or proxy to access the page for your campus, just like you are trying to access journals or other electronic resources.

Questions? Please reach out to your SciFinder campus contact.