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Identifier Services

The CDL Identifier Services Team (IDS) is dedicated to the vision of a world where digital assets are forever discoverable and citable. 

IDS Services and Projects

ARKs in the Open

Support for the ARK identifier community.

Compact Identifiers

Establishment of global resolution agreements for compact identifiers

Names to Things (N2T)

A universal resolver that forms a single lookup point for multiple identifier types (Crossref DOIs, DataCite DOIs, ARKs, Handles, etc.) and, eventually, all identifier types. Also supports creation and long-term maintenance of persistent identifiers with EZID.

YAMZ Metadictionary

Metadata services supporting characterization of persistence and community-based vocabulary building.

Identifier Services Team

Ewoldsen, KurtManager, Infrastructure and Applications Support
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Kunze, JohnIdentifier Systems Architect
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