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Kurt Ewoldsen Staff Profile

Program / Service

Discovery & Delivery, Infrastructure and Applications Support

Job Title

Manager of Infrastructure & Application Support (IAS) Director (Interim) Discovery & Delivery (D2D)


Kurt manages the system administration, EZID and D2D groups at CDL. He is responsible for the strategic planning, operations, and maintenance of the technology infrastructure underlying all CDL services. He is the leader for the team that creates and operates the EZID persistent identifier service. Kurt is also the interim director for the Discovery & Delivery program at CDL, which connects faculty, students and staff to the extensive research collections within the university. He is a member of the senior leadership at CDL.


Kurt joined the CDL in 2012. Prior to that he spent more than 20 years working in corporate IT for Fortune 500 companies like TRW, CSC and Fiserv, with a focus on infrastructure operations for financial services and insurance organizations.