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Authorized Headings List

NOTE: this is an archival document retained for historical purposes and is no longer maintained as of March 9, 2009.

Click HERE to download the Authorized headings list in Excel format.

The Authorized Headings List requires some explanation. Depending upon your needs, the sort will retrieve differently.

Resource name (Column A): This column is useful if you aren’t sure of the authorized form of name. All forms of the resource names, used and unused, part names, SFX, and title hooks appear in alphabetical order. If you retrieve a “light-face” heading, glancing across to the Code list in Column B will give you the first two letters of the authorized form (bolded).

Additions/Changes (Column B): Using YYMMDD this column gives additions with an A followed by a date or changes with a C followed by a date

Code (Column C)*: This column gives you a true authority file grouping, wherein the resource retrieved will have all its constitutent headings grouped– Authorized form, cross references SFX form, Title hook (if applicable)–in one place.

Tier 1/Tier 2 (Column D): This is a two-pronged alphabetic sort. Tier 1 are resources where the negotiations have been handled at CDL. Usually, but not always, all campuses have the resource licensed. Tier 2 are resources where the negotiations have been conducted at the campus level. It can happen that all campuses have access but it is much less likely.

Campus holdings (Column E): This column shows which resources are held at which campuses.

Platform (Column F): This is an alphabetic sort by the particular Platforms upon which the resources are held.

Vendor (Column G): This column also includes publishers, societies, and other issuing organizations.

856 Short Name (Column H): This column contains the “public” information appearing in the URL field in the bibliographic record.

$/Free (Column I): This column contains information as to whether the resource is free or has a cost.

*Code (Column C): The following is an explanation of the “letters” that appear in parentheses after the Code number in Column Bl

a=authorized [bold]

ap= authorized heading part of database [bold]

h= title hook [bold italicized] (from E-Resourced tracking document)

s = SFX active target

u = unused form of heading


ScienceDirect SC.5(a) [Authorized form]

Elsevier ScienceDirect Backfile Agricultural SC.5(b) [Archive form of heading]

ScienceDirect online journals SC.5(h) [Title hook in bib records]

Elsevier ScienceDirect SC.5(s) [SFX form of heading]

Academic Press SC.5(u) [Unused form of heading]

Science Direct SC.5(u) [Unused form of heading]