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Shared Monograph Coordinating Group

The SMCG is a CDC-appointed group that coordinates proposals for the prospective acquisition of shared print monographs. The group coordinates proposals for monographs currently published only in print form; JSC coordinates proposals for e-only or dual format purchases. Approved initiatives are posted to the CDL Shared Print website.

SMCG Membership

SMCG members serve a two-year term with possibility of renewal.

Name Campus Role
Barbara Schader UC Riverside Co-Chair
Kerry Scott UC Santa Cruz Co-Chair and JSC liaison
Robert Melton UC San Diego Arts and Humanities Bibliographer
Deborah Kegel UC San Diego Sciences Bibliographer
Joseph Yue UCLA Social Sciences Bibliographer
Angela Smircic CDL Shared Print Analyst
Emily Stambaugh CDL Shared Print Manager, ex-officio