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Ebook Task Force

The Ebook Task Force was charged by the Joint Steering Committee on Shared Collections (JSC) to evaluate academic experiences with electronic books in 2001. The task force is no longer active.

Note: A more recent CDC task force investigated ebooks in 2008; the CDC task force final report can be found at the Collection Development Committee website.


The charge to the Task Force is as follows:

  1. Define operating guidelines and desirable features that will make ebooks most useful for instruction and research at the University of California.
  2. Evaluate the ongoing experiences at UC campuses (specifically at UC Berkeley and UC San Diego and their netLibrary experiments).
  3. Examine other academic library ebook experiments (at other institutions and other content providers).
  4. Identify potential Universitywide or multi-campus strategies that should be pursued or explored further.


  • Lucia Snowhill, Chair and JSC Liaison, UC Santa Barbara
  • Anna Gold, UC San Diego
  • Rosalie Lack, California Digital Library
  • Milt Ternberg, UC Berkeley


EBook Task Force Final Report (March 2001)