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Amanda Karby Staff Profile

Amanda Karby

Program / Service

Publishing, Archives, and Digitization

Job Title

Publications Manager




As an eScholarship Publications Manager, Amanda collaborates with librarians and researchers across the 10-campus UC system to help manage a well-established journals publishing program and to cultivate new publishing projects with a particular focus on the humanities, social sciences, as well as other fields and researchers who are underserved by the traditional publishing marketplace. As part of the larger publishing team at CDL, she engages in outreach and engagement programming to support best practices among our existing eScholarship publications, including a list of over 90 actively publishing journals.


MA, Publishing and Writing, Emerson College

BA, English and Creative Writing, Hope College


Prior to joining CDL, Amanda worked as a Senior Digital Publishing Coordinator with Michigan Publishing Services at the University of Michigan Library (2016–2023), where she managed full-suite production for open access scholarly books and journals. She began her career at The MIT Press as a Digital Production Coordinator in 2014 and has previous experience in EPUB and web development, copyediting, and permissions. Originally from Metro Detroit, she is based in Oakland, California and enjoys live music and 35mm film photography in her free time.

Professional Interests

  • Accessibility in digital publishing
  • Book production workflows
  • Copyediting (CMS/MLA/APA)
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives

Papers and Presentations

“Make it so”: Sustainable, Academy-Owned Publishing Infrastructure with CDL, Michigan, & Janeway (Library Publishing Forum, 2024)

Creating a Roadmap for Accessibility (ebookcraft, 2017)

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