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Resource Wranglers

The Resource Wranglers are an internal CDL group that monitors the CDL licensed databases and ejournals. The group communicates UC’s needs to vendors, tracks vendor issues, and follows up on these issues until they are resolved.

Areas of Focus

  • User interfaces for licensed databases and ejournals.
  • Access (includes proxies and EndNote, etc.).
  • Database and ejournal specific issues as reported by the Resource Liaisons, other UC campus groups, and end-users.
  • Linking issues such as getting vendors to support the OpenURL standard and other items of this nature.
  • Multi-item services for database vendors, e.g., the Order function in PubMed, which allows users to send a list of citations to CDL and then from the Citation List screen see all of the items with inline links to holdings, full text (when available), and to Request multiple items.
  • Usage Statistics (as needed).


  • Prepares vendor issues list based on input from the Resource Liaison(s), works with the vendors to resolve the issues to meet UC’s needs. The group creates vendor status reports based on these issues and distributes them to the campuses via the Users Council, on an as needed schedule. These documents are used to track the progress UC makes and to hold vendors accountable for resolving these issues.
  • Creation and maintenance of the database evaluation and transition documentation used by the Resource Liaisons and campus bibliographer groups when changing vendors.
  • Creation and maintenance of the information about CDL-licensed resources.
  • Creation and maintenance of CDL’s technical requirements for vendors documents.

Campus Communication Process

  • Resource Liaisons are the primary consulting group for identification and resolution of issues.
  • Users Council members are the primary group for disseminating information to library staff.

Licensed Resources Team

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