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Renata Ewing Staff Profile

Renata Ewing

Program / Service

Publishing, Archives, and Digitization

Job Title

Access and Support Coordinator, Digitization & Digital Content


Renata provides planning, coordination, analysis and communications to support UC system-wide digitization projects, including projects in partnership with Google other digitization agents. She also supports the UC Library Reprints Service and CDL’s CRMS initiative with HathiTrust.


  • MSI, University of Michigan School of Information
  • MA English (Creative Writing), San Francisco State University
  • BA History, Earlham College


Renata has worked with many digital organizations and libraries, including the Earlham College Library, California Supreme Court Library, Ask Jeeves, Yahoo!, Internet Archive, and OERCommons.

Committees / Affiliations

NCTPG (Northern California Technical Processes Group)

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