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Integrated Library System (ILS) Liaisons

Summary and Background

Request and Melvyl use information from local campus library systems to provide user-friendly displays and to route requests for resource sharing. This information includes shelving location names and circulation status. ILS Liaisons work with CDL to keep the CDL Melvyl and Request teams apprised of changes to local systems. Currently, ILS Liaisons use CDL wikis to communicate changes.

Tasks Include

Liaisons are responsible for informing CDL when:

  • Location names are added or changed
  • New location codes are used in LHRs
  • Locations are deleted from LHRs and/or the local ILS
  • Circulation status messages change in the local ILS

How to make updates

Currently, ILS Liaisons make updates on CDL wikis. Each campus has a separate wiki page. Instructions are available on the wiki. ILS Liaisons use the Location Changes wiki to inform CDL’s Melvyl and Request teams of deletions, additions and updates of locations in the local campus OPAC. ILS Liaisons use the Status Table wiki to update circulation status messages. CDL is automatically notified when changes are made by ILS Liaisons, and CDL will confer with Liaisons as needed.

If more than twenty changes need to be made at one time, ILS Liaisons may work one-on-one with the CDL Melvyl and Request team to coordinate changes. To initiate a one-on-one conference, send email to the Resource Sharing Team at

Who is authorized to make updates?

ILS Liaisons are responsible for making updates. Contact your campus ILS Liaison if you have a location or circulation status change.


CDL contact: Resource Sharing Team

Campus Default ILL Unit Liaison Email
Berkeley UB1 Jacqueline Silva
Berkeley UB1 David Rez
Davis UD1 Dale Snapp
Davis UD1 Derek Andrew Sisneros
Davis UD1 Robin Gustafson
Davis UD1 Xiaoli Li
Irvine UI1 Sankaralakshmi Arunachalam
Irvine UI1 Wanda Pittman Jazayeri
Los Angeles ULA1 Andy Kohler
Los Angeles ULA1 David Rickard
Merced UM1 Latasha Means
Merced UM1 Sarah Sheets
Riverside UR1 Jim Clark
Santa Barbara USB1 Catherine Busselen
Santa Cruz USC2 Marcia Barrett
San Diego USD1 Greg Ferguson
San Diego USD1 Kourtney Murray
San Francisco USF1 Susan Boone