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UC-eLinks Glossary

Linking terms

a collaborative reference linking service
in this context CrossRef is used to discover the Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) using article metadata supplied by the participating publishers
For more information see the CrossRef web site
Digital Object Identifier
stable identifier (URL)
DOIs provide a framework for linking to electronic content (among other things)
For more information see the Digital Object Identifier web site
Link Resolver
a generic term for products which support linking between databases and services such as linking to full text. SFX is a Link Resolver.
According to the W3C metadata is machine understandable information for the web.
In this context the information includes the author, article title, journal title, volume, issue, date, start page, etc.
draft NISO standard which defines how to transport metadata between two systems using http
In this context the two systems are an A&I database and UC-eLinks.
For more information on the draft standard see the NISO AX committee website
The name of the SFX server managed by the CDL
Knowledge database
a MySQL database provided by SFX which contains e-journal and e-book information
a journal title needs to be in this database and activated before UC-eLinks can offer the option for electronic text
some database like Gale’s Expanded Academic ASAP which contain citation records and fulltext offer two versions of linking generally referred to as inbound and outbound
outbound links are OpenURLs associated with a citation record which are sent to a Link Resolver (UC-eLinks)
inbound links are generated by a Link Resolver (UC-eLinks) and resolved to full text at the vendor’s site
software routines within UC-eLinks which process the OpenURL and build links (URLs) to services offered in the UC-eLinks menu window
options which can appear in the UC-eLinks menu window
some services are getFullTxt, getHoldings, getDocumentDelivery, getWebServices
vendor sending OpenURLs to UC-eLinks
at this time most of UC-eLinks sources are A&I database vendors
vendor receiving URLs from UC-eLinks
at this time most of UC-eLinks targets are full text providers
Melvyl® and Request are also targets for UC-eLinks
list of metadata which needs to be included in an OpenURL in order for a service to appear in the UC-eLinks menu
in some cases, such as dates, a value for the metadata can also be included in the threshold

Other SFX glossary

SFX glossary developed by CARLI (2013/14)