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Access and Disclosure

Access and Delivery

Use of the WEST print archive is likely to be low and would not justify the complexity and expense of separate procedures or lending categories. Therefore, WEST planners recommended using existing borrowing relationships and mechanisms: WEST members do not receive priority lending of WEST materials. WEST members have agreed to provide access and delivery services according to the Access Guidelines for WEST Archives (rev 2012).


WEST Archive Holders and Builders agree to update records according to the WEST Disclosure Policy, and to take all steps reasonably necessary to cause all of the archived materials, and information about their accessibility to potential users, to be registered in union catalogs and other applicable system(s) as established by the WEST Disclosure Policy (minor updates 2020).

Disclosure of WEST archived materials is intended to support three primary goals: discovery and display of WEST materials for use by library staff and by library users as appropriate; resource-sharing among WEST members as defined in the WEST Access Guidelines; and collection analysis to support local and system-level collection management decisions and development of additional WEST print archives.

Access and Disclosure Documents