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Hardy Pottinger Staff Profile

Hardy Pottinger

Program / Service

Publishing, Archives, and Digitization

Job Title

Publishing Systems Developer


Hardy is a DSpace Commiter, since 2011, and works for CDL as a Publishing Systems Developer. He holds a BA in English, from Fontbonne in Saint Louis. He worked on the school paper, and leveraged that experience into a few jobs at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in Chicago. During that period, he ended up doing quite a bit of developing/publishing work, mainly on web sites, and narrowly missed the tail end of the dot-com bubble. He then moved back to Missouri to be closer to family. He’s been working in the Library space ever since, including 16 years as the technical lead for MOspace, the institutional repository of the University of Missouri. And, more recently, 3 years at UCLA Library as part of their Services and Applications teams. He works from home in Columbia, Missouri, has four cats and one dog, and three kids (Ms. 11, Mr. 14 and Mr. 17). He’s crazy about his wife, his kids, yo-yos, fountain pens, beer, tea, and dark chocolate. He also really enjoys working from home, and will talk your ear off about it if you let him.


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