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UC-eLinks Development Principles


The purpose of this document is to:

  • Guide the decisions that must be made during the process of implementing, maintaining, and expanding the functionality of the UC-eLinks service menu.
  • Establish values that will raise the quality of UC-eLinks services.
  • Inform outreach and instructional activities.


Services that are offered through UC-eLinks:

  • Links to full text in ejournals and databases
  • Links to holdings
  • Links to Request
  • Links to help
  • Links to other services

Appropriate advisory groups will guide planning for the expansion of the services offered through the UC-eLinks service menu.


revised: 1/25/11

  1. The UC-eLinks icon will appear in a visually consistent manner across all UC licensed databases and Melvyl®. If the system cannot support the icon, then a text link will be used.
  2. In UC licensed databases, the UC-eLinks icon will be displayed with each record in the results set.
  3. Links to full text will be made at the most specific level possible (article, issue, volume, title) and with as few clicks as possible.
  4. The sequence of the categories of services, within the UC-eLinks menu will be consistent across all UC instances of UC-eLinks. As services are added, a revised sequence of service categories will be determined and applied. Services are ordered by their proximity to the desired document with the most readily-available services listed first (e.g., electronic full text, then print holdings, then request via ILL, etc.) All services will display in one menu window.
  5. It should always be possible to navigate back to the results list from the UC-eLinks menu; currently, this is best satisfied by having UC-eLinks menu always open as a new window when possible.
  6. The UC-eLinks interface will conform, as much as possible, to the practices described in the W3C web content accessibility guidelines, the federal section 508 guidelines.

Learn more about UC-eLinks functionality and services activated.