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UC-eLinks Production Schedule at CDL

These are the regular update tasks we do that are most relevant to UC-eLinks’ administrators. This is not a comprehensive list of all the work we do to support and maintain UC-eLinks.

SFX Knowledgebase Updates (KB Updates) SFX Software updates A-Z ejournal list updates Title lists to Google Scholar Statistics Top 10’s: Targets and Sources
What is this? Ex Libris adds, deletes and edits title and holding information in their knowledgebase. Software updates are called service packs. They include bug fixes and other periodic changes to the SFX software. They are integrated with the weekly SFX KB updates. Each campus A-Z list contains all the ejournals licensed by CDL and by the individual campus. XML file of data used by Google to determine when Google Scholar shows UC-eLinks (based on titles, holdings, providers). One file for each campus and CDL. Usage statistics for each campus and UC-eLinks total usage for all UC campuses. List of the top ten places UC-eLinks linked to (targets) and from (sources).
When? Weekly on Mondays. See KB Updates Daily CDL makes it available for Google Scholar to pick up weekly on Fridays. Weekly, typically generated on Thursdays. Posted on the website on Fridays. Quarterly (posted in April, July, October, December)
How long does it take? 1-4 hours; longer if SFX Software updates are included. See KB Updates About 1 hour per campus About 1 hour per campus All day (7am-10pm) Extracted manually from the statistics reports.
How is the info shared?

How do you find out about this?

CDL forwards the weekly SFX update announcement to UCELINKS-ADMINS-L; also via Release notes on Ex Libris Knowledge Center. Available via Release notes on Ex Libris Knowledge Center.; CDL will call out anything critical in an email to UCELINKS-ADMINS-L. This is a routine procedure, and no notification is sent. This is a routine procedure and no notification is sent. Posted on the UC-eLinks website statistics page Posted on the UC-eLinks website home page
What do liaisons need to do/know? Check the KBUpdate reports in the admin interface for adds, deletes, changes (whatever you are interested in reviewing) No action needed. No action needed. No action needed. For help with statistics, contact the UC-eLinks Team. If you are interested, check them out.

Running jobs at campuses

If you run a job that you think might impact the SFX server, please give us a heads up at

Link checkers Export jobs
What is this? Running scripts that check HTML page for broken links. For example: Exporting a list of titles activated in UC-eLinks at your campus.
What do you need to know? Fine to run link checkers as long as the jobs stop before 9 am Monday to Friday. Export jobs have an impact on the overall system performance so please run one export job at a time.

Please remember in SFX version 4 you need to select an INSTITUTE (either DEFAULT or your campus) when running export jobs.

Best time to run? Before 9am Monday to Friday. Early in the morning is the best time.