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Managing WorldCat Discovery (Melvyl) Staff Accounts

OCLC introduced staff user accounts for WorldCat Discovery in June 2014.  With a staff user account, campus library staff can view MARC records, view the OCLC# on the brief record display, and search by library holding symbol. Further staff account features are anticipated.

The Melvyl Operations Liaisons manage the activation and deactivation of staff user accounts at their campus. The Melvyl Operations Liaisons may delegate this duty to other staff at their campus. Liaisons are responsible for providing contact information (name, email address) for staff managing accounts to the Melvyl Operations Team

Tasks Include

  • Responding to requests for staff accounts at your campus including confirming the requestor is eligible for a staff account.
  • Activating new accounts in coordination with OCLC Orders group.
  • Deactivating accounts in coordination with OCLC Orders group.
  • Providing contact information (name, email) for staff managing accounts to the Melvyl Operations Team.


MELVYLSTAFFACCOUNTS-L@LISTSERV.UCOP.EDU email list includes all Melvyl Staff Account contacts and members of the CDL Melvyl Operations Team.

How to Manage Accounts

CDL create and manage WorldCat Discovery Admin accounts for the Melvyl Operations liaisons.

The liaisons will create, modify, and deactivate individual WCD staff accounts for their campus staff members.

The campus staff accounts can be managed online, via OCLC’s  WorldShare configuration: https://[CAMPUS] . OCLC has documentation for this module at the OCLC Support site.

Melvyl Operations Liaisons can also contact OCLC Orders to create, modify, or deactivate staff accounts for their campus members.

Before a request for accounts can be sent to OCLC Orders,, you will need the following information for each account:

  • First and last name of the staff member
  • Email address of the staff member  (CDL recommends using the work email address)
  • Existing username if the staff member already has an account (this will most likely apply to the ILL staff)

Additional information to include for all requests to OCLC Orders is

  • Institution name
  • OCLC library symbol
  • Authorization level is “WorldCat Discovery staff”

After the accounts have been created the liaison will be able to log on to the admin interface for their campus instance of WorldCat Discovery to expire accounts when staff no longer work for the library — accounts cannot be deleted, only expired.

Who may have a staff account?

It’s at the discretion of each campus to decide who may have a WCD staff account.