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Local Data — Campus Status Reports

Campus status reports on adding Local Data to WCL records

Date Campus Status
06/06/2011 UCD UCD has no plans to add Local Data at the present time. Currently, UCD is focusing on completing its LHRs.
06/06/2011 UCI UCI does not have any plans for doing a batchload of its local data in the near future. UCI will continue to monitor the participation of the other campuses.
06/06/2011 UCLA UCLA wants additional information on the OCLC data model for local data before developing specific plans for the loading of this data.
06/07/2011 UCSB UCSB will not do a batchload of its local data at present due to other campus priorities. UCSB also wants additional information on the process.
06/06/2011 UCSC UCSC plans to seriously explore this new OCLC service in the next few months once it can judge the success of using OCLC’s Bibliographic Notification Service.
06/07/2011 UCSD UCSD has actively considered contributing its local bibliographic data through another batchload project. This probably won’t happen until the Fall; UCSD plans to use the Summer for planning.
06/06/2011 SCP SCP has no plans as of yet, but we have preliminarily identified only the 793 as the local data we would be interested in loading to OCLC. Additionally, any project to add SCP local data will need to be coordinated with UCSD’s plans, perhaps even be dependent on them.