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ERMS Implementation Project

A small team from Discovery & Delivery provided technical guidance and project management in the implementation of an electronic resource management system (ERMS) for CDL Shared Licensing and Acquisitions. The CDL ERMS uses Serials Solutions’ 360 Resource Manager. A CDL implementation team led the effort from November 2008 to December 2009.

Implementation highlights included:

  • Performed a risk assessment, which enabled the team to identify potential problems and to develop a shared understanding of project challenges.
  • Saved time by convening expert subgroups to focus on specific problem areas such as loading & syncing data from multiple systems, and advising on workflow efficiencies moving forward.
  • Co-developed a report to sync holdings between two systems to greatly reduce manually updating data in both systems.
  • Developed robust workflows and defined clear ownership of tasks, which resolved ambiguities and made it easier to identify efficiencies moving forward.

ERMS Implementation Team (iTeam)

Zentall, LenaProject Manager
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Dickson, JayneInformation Services
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Eggleston, HollyCollections
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Garvey-Clasby, KateShared Cataloging (UCSD)
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Li, ChanStatistics
Parfrey, WendyShared Content

ERMS Implementation Steering Committee

Anderson, IvyDirector, Collection Development
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Martin, PatriciaDirector, Discovery & Delivery