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Archive Holders

An Archive Holder is an institution (library and/or storage facility) that retains the print backfile for a journal family.

Usually the WEST library holding the most complete backfile of a given title will be selected as the Archive Holder for that title. The backfile will be completed by other members’ holdings on a proactive or passive basis depending on the Archive Type.

Archive Holders agree to maintain WEST archives for a period of 25 years from the beginning of the program (through 2035), with a review of the agreement every 5 years. Ownership of the volumes will remain with or, for contributed volumes, will be transferred to the Archive Holders through a deaccessioning and gift process (as allowed by state or university regulations).

Archive Holders that proactively build new Silver and Gold Archives on behalf of WEST are known as “Archive Builders.” Once built, the Archive Builder becomes the Archive Holder for the title in subsequent years.