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Archive Builders

An Archive Builder proactively assembles print holdings from various libraries, validates them and discloses them. Once the backfile for a journal family is built, the Archive Builder becomes an Archive Holder for that family.

Archive Builders handle Silver, Gold and Platinum Archive types and receive financial support to provide archive creation services, described below. The Archive Builder agrees to retain the backfile in environmental conditions stipulated for the Archive Type.

Archive Builders are usually storage facilities. When an institution does not have a storage facility, the Archive Builder can be a library.

Each year, Archive Builders consolidate and validate backfiles and update holdings records of the identified titles during a one-year Archiving Cycle.

Specific steps during the Archiving Cycle include:

  • March-April. Archive Builders prepare and issue first call for holdings.
  • April – June: Archive Builders validate existing local holdings.
  • July–September: Archive Builders receive and validate contributed holdings, prepare second call for holdings (if needed).
  • August: Archive Builders issue second call for holdings.
  • September–December: Archive Builders continue to receive and validate holdings.
  • January–March: Archive Builders prepare statistical reports and reports of archived materials for the current Archiving Cycle.