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Answering a Call for Holdings Video and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following video describes the process for answering a call-for-holdings. It describes the timeline for a request for holdings from an Archive Builder and the steps a WEST member might take to respond to that request. This video is intended to help both Builders and WEST members that are willing to donate volumes (contributors) streamline the archive building process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can our library participate more in WEST?

WEST member libraries are encouraged to review the WEST archive disclosures in the Print Archives Preservation Registry on an annual or semi-annual basis and make contributions to Archive Holders to fill gaps. Additionally, each year, WEST Archive Builders proactively request holdings from specific WEST members to fill gaps in Silver and Gold titles. If your institution receives such a request, WEST members are encouraged to respond promptly indicating your intent to contribute or not.

How many requests for holdings should our library expect to receive each year from Archive Builders?

A WEST member may receive one or two requests for holdings from each Archive Builder each year. These requests will be for Silver and Gold titles. Many WEST members are developing local routines processes for reviewing the requests as they come in and responding to them.

Our library is actively deselecting JSTOR titles. Who can we offer them to?

Please check the Print Archives Preservation Registry on an annual or semi-annual basis and make contributions to Archive Holders to fill gaps. Please send only gap holdings. Please also let the WEST project team know about your plans so we can inform WEST Builders of your interest. The Orbis Cascade Alliance Distributed Print Repository (DPR) titles, as well as additional WEST archived titles are disclosed in PAPR. In addition, WEST members are invited to contribute to the UC JSTOR Shared Print Collection, a page- level validated archive built in collaboration with JSTOR to serve as a backup for digitization. This archive is not formally incorporated into WEST due to contractual obligations. Physical volumes are not accessible to non-UC WEST members. See the “Wish List”.

Who coordinates shipment of materials between libraries?

Please contact the Archive Holder directly with your offer and arrange for shipment.

Who pays for shipment?

Typically the contributing library pays for shipment.

Is there a list of contacts at Archive Holders and Archive Builders?

For Archive Builders, visit the WEST wiki Archive Builder rolodex. For Archive Holders, visit the WEST wiki Archive Holder rolodex.