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Inactive Shared Print Agreements and MOUs: Combined List

UC Bibliographer groups, individual UC Libraries, extramural partners and the California Digital Library (on behalf of the UC Libraries) entered into the following cooperative collecting agreements. These agreements represented formal commitments to collaboratively build print collections.


  • [P] = Prospective
  • [R] = Retrospective
  • [SP] = CDL/CDC Shared Print
Oversight by: CDL/CDC Shared Print
Participants: All UC
Agreement recorded as: License agreement for e-journals with shared print copy
Publication type(s): Journals
Persistence policy?: Yes
Details: Business Models for Current Journals

Canadian Literature (2005-2009) [P] [SP]

Project title: Anglophone Project: Canadian Literature
Oversight by: CDL/CDC Shared Print, Literature Bibliographer Group
Participants: All UCs
Agreement recorded as: Proposal and YBP Profile for English-language fiction and poetry initially published in Canada in 2006 by university, trade, and small press publishers. Profile specifies publishers and formats.
Publication type(s): Monographs
Persistence policy?: Yes