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Jayne Dickson Staff Profile

Program / Service

Information Services

Job Title

Senior Information Services Analyst


In addition to managing the CDL Helpline (510.987.0555,, Jayne coordinates end-user support efforts. This includes responding to hundreds of telephone, email, and web-based inquiries annually; analyzing user errors/problems and notifying system administrators of critical issues and emerging trends. Jayne participates in several of CDL’s core service teams (UC-eLinks, Request VDX, Electronic Resources) and uses her understanding of end-user behavior to inform interface decisions for these services. Jayne is also the editor of CDLINFO, CDL’s monthly newsletter and the main information conduit for notifying campus stakeholders of the latest services and resources available from the California Digital Library. Jayne’s work is characterized by a high standard of excellence, an enthusiasm for problem-solving, an eye for detail, an absolute thoroughness, and a sense of proportion.