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Andy Mardesich Staff Profile

Andy Mardesich

Program / Service

Publishing and Special Collections

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Andy provides analysis and technical support for UC’s Mass Digitization projects. He works with UC campus libraries and external partners to evaluate and document technical needs and to create workflows for new UC digital book collections. Much of his work involves the preparation of UC’s collections of digitized content and metadata for ingest into digital repositories.


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, San Jose State University
  • Bachelor of Arts degrees in Film and Communications, University of California, Santa Barbara


After an early career as a video editor and stock footage manager, Andy ended up doing several years of ‚”manual” labor as a front-end production engineer for internet companies. He realized his dream was to chatter with other engineer types about object oriented software design, and so went back to school and got a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He was then assigned to a Java-based multi-threaded telephone listings application for a multi-national telecommunications company. After two grueling years of writing requirements, designing components, doing defect analysis, and running extensive tests, Andy realized he was primed and ready to apply his talents towards public good in a university environment!

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