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CDL Job Posting: UX Content Specialist

The California Digital Library is looking for a User Experience (UX) Content Specialist to provide user-centered content and design services for websites and applications that we manage and maintain. Our ideal candidate has a strong user experience foundation with the ability to adapt product goals to meet end-user needs.  As a member of the CDL UX Team and reporting to the UX Manager, this position will work to support CDL program and service managers in the development, improvement, and maintenance of complex systemwide services, websites, and digital properties. 

The UX Content Specialist brings experience as a content manager and user experience professional, stays abreast of emerging and state-of-the-art technologies and technical requirements, such as web accessibility, and will take action to ensure compliance. The successful candidate is hands on, detail-oriented with an ability to maintain high standards of accuracy and precision, excellent judgment, problem-solving, and the ability to actively participate in a highly collaborative, team environment. 

The position will be open until filled. For more information on the position and to apply, please visit the UCOP Jobs site.